A taste of Yucatan Cuisine in Chicago

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  • 1.5 hr

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A taste of Yucatan Cuisine in Chicago

Discover the culinary delights of Yucatan, a rich and diverse state in Mexico, at this amazing dinner in the Chicago West Side prepared by a Michelin-trained Mexican chef.

• 4-course dinner inspired by the flavors of Yucatan, Mexico
• Aperitif, cocktails and digestif are included, guests can also BYOB
• Communal dining for 2 to 8 people
• Carla is a Michelin-trained chef from Mexico

About your host, Carla: “I’m a Michelin-trained chef who has worked in restaurants like Carles Abellan in Spain. My husband is a professional Flamenco dancer who founded the group '12 Tiempos Flamenco Company'. We welcome guests from around the world to our Chicago home for a unique, memorable experience full of rich flavors.”

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Xtabentún is a mayan licor come from honey.
we are making a sweet vanilla Xtabentún cocktail.

Hibiscus infusionated water with cinnamon and ginger.
Fresh and Healthy


Tostada means, crispy tortilla, with fresh layered tuna, avocado,chipotle mayonnaise, and home made hot sauce


Lima is not lime, is not lemon or even k-lime is a kind of lemon but sweeter, this soup is make with chicken broth , onions, garlic, peppers and love.


Slow roasted chicken infusion for 24 hours Pibil.
This is a paste make it from axiote, is red, and little sweet and citrus , with sutil spices, vinegar onions

seasoned rice with jalapeño pepper and cilantro leaves.


Marquesitas is the popular night street food, is a crispy crepe with nutella and swiss cheese filling, sounds weird but is absolutely the paradise. sweet and perfect end

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